13th Congress: A dismal legislative legacy

AS members of the 13th Congress intensify their campaign in their respective districts, the PCIJ looks at the legacy they leave behind vis-a-vis the budgetary support that we, as taxpayers, provided them.

House of RepresentativesIn this special report, some lawmakers themselves admit the 13th Congress was “dismal” in performance, having passed the lowest number of bills of both national and local importance since 1987. Of the 84 bills it was able to enact into law, only 32 were of national significance.

With a budget of P12.51 billion over the past three years, each law cost taxpayer about P148.94 million. It also failed at its most basic function: that of approving the national budget on time.

The numbers provide an insight into the workings and failures of the Lower House, which for the past three years had to deal with two impeachment proceedings borne by the “Hello Garci” tapes. Lawmakers also held lengthy sessions for debates on proposals to amend the Constitution.

With this report, we hope to arm the electorate with more information about those seeking their votes in the May elections.

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